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Setting Up Signposts

Set Up Signposts.    Make Landmarks.

Jeremiah 31:21

Five months ago Cancer forced his way, uninvited, into my home.  He took the best seat in the sitting room, put his feet up on the coffee table, demanded the remote control and settled in.  He lounged at my dining table and took over the ordering of my kitchen.   He is a most demanding guest who takes all and gives nothing in return.  He commandeered the diary and the schedule, dictates the when and the where.  He bullies and intimidates with his continual, ‘What if…’  He delights to narrow my life.

But Jesus also lives in my home, quieter and undemanding.   He lives and loves to give.   He is waiting by the front door to welcome me when I come home and to wave me off when I go out.  He waits at the top of the stairs when I go up and at the foot when I go down.  He is in every room, behind every door, seated on the bed beside me as I sleep.  He laughs, encourages, teases, strengthens and blesses.   When I turn round, He is always there; when I murmur, He always hears.  He wraps His heart around my every thought and feeling and whispers, ‘Trust Me, Tell Me…’ when I feel my spirits fail.  He delights to bring me into a broad and spacious place.

I invited Jesus into my home.  I did not invite Cancer and I cannot evict him.  But I do have a Choice.  I can choose which of these two guests holds my gaze.

“I will serve no foreign god

Nor any other treasure

For you are my heart’s desire

The spirit without measure

Unto your name,

I will bring my sacrifice…”

And thus will I set up a signpost…


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16 thoughts on “Setting Up Signposts

  1. Now I have finally got to comment box! Carol what a wonderful way to describe your present circumstances. Standing with you and John. Thank you for sharing difficult stuff in a beautiful way. Bless you! ( See you tomorrow ) With love and prayers Sheree, xxx

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  2. Jeanette Morton-Lindie says:

    Thinking of you and praying for you both. He is our refuge, our strong fortress and as we run to Him, He embraces us in our times of greatest need. Love you lots Jeanette xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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